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 Implant Dentures for Patients with No Teeth or For Patients Needing All of Their Teeth Removed

This page contains a lot of information.  Please read it because you deserve to be well informed.   

The option I offer to my patients on a routine basis is a removable implant denture that snaps on and off of the implants.  Here are some important facts about this type of implant denture:

·    This type of implant denture does come in and out of the mouth on a daily basis because it snaps on and off­ of the implants.

·    Daily cleaning by the patient and annual maintenance/cleaning by the dentist are fairly easy since this type of implant denture is removable.

·    Since this type of implant denture rests on the gums, occasional sore spots may occur that will require adjustment of the denture and                           occasional relining will be required.

·    Cleaning/maintenance appointments at our office are required annually, sometimes more often.  At the cleaning/maintenance appointment, the         denture is cleaned, the implants are cleaned, the denture is evaluated to see if a reline or remake is required, the snaps are evaluated to see if             they should be replaced, and the health of the bone and gums around the implants is checked.

REMOVABLE SNAP ON / SNAP OFF DENTURE (snapped on and off of the implants by the patient)


       This photo below shows the implants in the lower jaw 


      This photo below shows the underside of the lower implant denture with 2 snaps in it



The costs listed below wouldn't include any bone grafts, extractions, special computerized 3 dimensional x-rays if needed, or new dentures that may be necessary.  If you have insurance, it may cover a bit of the cost.

     ·If you already have a LOWER denture that bites properly for implants and is in good enough shape to be fitted to implants, the cost for placing            the 2 implants and fitting the LOWER denture you already have to the implants would be around $5678.

     ·If you already have an UPPER denture that bites properly for implants and is in good enough shape to be fitted to implants, the cost for placing            the 4 implants and fitting the UPPER denture you already have to the implants would be around $10698  *** When I see you, I can tell you why 4          implants are the minimum required for the upper denture.

     ·All kinds of other scenarios exist and we'd have to see you to let you know your cost.

Please realize that although the REMOVABLE SNAP ON / SNAP OFF DENTURE option described on this page is a much better denture than a regular non-implant denture and is much easier to wear & chew with than a regular non-implant denture, it does snap on and off of the implants.  It doesn't screw into the implants and, therefore, is removable by you at home.  We don't offer the screwed-in kind of implant denture here because it costs a lot more than the snap on/snap off implant denture described on this page and I feel what we offer here provides a good service at a much lower fee.  The cost for the screwed-in implant denture that we don’t offer is typically 4 to 8 times more expensive than the snap on/snap off implant denture option we offer.    If you want further information about an implant denture that screws in, I'm happy to refer you to a dentist that will do it for you.    Another reason I don’t like doing the screwed-in implant denture is that it can be very difficult to keep clean (food & bacteria get between the denture and the gums and around the implants and can be very difficult/impossible to get out, from under the denture, at home).  The screwed-in implant denture has to be unscrewed by the dentist 1-2 times a year, so that it can be cleaned and so the implants can be cleaned.  This cleaning/maintenance appointment at the dental office is much more expensive than the cleaning appointment for the removable snap on/snap off denture we offer. 


As with any treatment, no warranty or guarantee can be given as to the outcome.  It’s not unusual for implants to last decades.  Ten-year survival rates of integrated implants are around 95%.  

In conclusion

I hope you found this information useful.  A no-charge consultation is available to answer our questions. Of course, another dentist may have another opinion.



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